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About Us

portrait of a taxi driver with cab

Have you ever worried about how you’ll make it to a destination but don’t have access to a personal car, or you don’t want the hassle of driving and finding parking amongst the crowds? If this sounds like, then you’re probably in need of some professional taxi services. Taxi services are available for hire, when booked in advance, and can serve a variety of transportation needs such as picking you up and taking you to a specific destination, transporting a party of people to an event in a limousine, or shuttling clients – en masse -  from one location to another, such as a parking garage to an arena or event space. Whatever transportation needs you have, professional taxi services are usually able to accommodate them and provide safety and comfort for all those that use them!

Austin Cab Service continues to offer the Austin area with the highest and most reliable standard of taxi, valet, and chauffeur services available. We’re constantly helping clients in the city get from one destination to another, safe and sound. We’re able to do this with the help of our team of highly-trained and licensed drivers, who are able to operate various vehicles to suit your needs. We work for both private hire and for commercial services, whether you’re someone needing a taxi to the airport or you’re a company putting on an event and need assistance with organized parking. We take care of both and everything in between with our reliable and trusted, full-service cabs, shuttles, and valets.