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Disabled Transportation

Disabled Transportation

Disabled transportation refers to our transportation services catered to those with special needs or mobility needs. Our fleet of vehicles used for such services are larger than average to incorporate the extra needed space for loading ramps and handlebars to increase safety and comfort. Ultimately, we want to make all clients feel welcomed and safe when choosing to ride with us and we go above and beyond to make your journey even more secure if you have special requirements or are disabled. This includes doors that open wider than usual, ramps for easy access, and our team of professional to personally assist you as well.

Ramps and Assistance

As mentioned before, we have extra steps that we take when assisting clients with disabilities or special needs. Some of these steps include our loading ramp, which helps those in a wheelchair easily gain access to the vehicle without having to step up or rise from their chair. The ramp is secured to the side or back of the vehicle and can be extended or retracted whenever it’s needed. Our team of professionals also has experience in lifting and adequately securing those with disabilities into the vehicle, whether you’re in a wheelchair or you have special medical equipment that needs to be loaded in as well. We’re very careful, thorough, and pay close attention to detail when doing so, to avoid any hazards or injuries to your experience or your devices.


Your security is very important to us because without it, the journey cannot be made safely. We take security seriously and do all that we can to drive on secure roads, strap in and secure medical devices or tools that accompany you, and we help you feel extremely comfortable along the way. Whether this means the interior air temperature is set to your liking or you have access to handlebars for more balance, we put you first at all times on our disabled transportation services.


As with all of our taxi and transportation services, we aim to only provide services that are accessible for all. Our disabled transportation services mean that we can help all clients get to where they need to go with ease, regardless of their disabilities. Our disabled transportation services are designed to meet the needs of those who are wheelchair bound and need ramps to get into the vehicle, as well as space in the back to sit comfortable in their wheelchair. We also have vehicles purposely designed with handlebars to maintain balance during the journey.

Professional Drivers

Our professional drivers have years of experience in the industry, offering services to those with disabilities or mobility issues into our vehicles. We offer disabled welcome taxis, as well as vehicles that are spacious and safe for all kinds special needs, to make your journey as comfortable as possible. We’ll work with you to get you into the vehicle securely and we’ll even use alternative routes that don’t require as many bumps, holes, or roadworks that could cause you discomfort along the way. We strive for your satisfaction in all capacities, especially if you require special or disabled transportation measures.