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Executive Transportation

An African American business man raises his hand to hail a cab in the city.

Executive transportation includes transportation services needed for important persons or events. Using a special fleet of vehicles to perform such services, we do this with added security and safety so that the individuals we’re transporting are able to maintain some privacy and comfort while we do so. We’ve help pick up and transport individuals from all backgrounds and professions, such as actors, musicians, and performers, as well as politicians and important figures. We know the importance of getting such individuals from one location to another, so we take extra precautionary and safety measures for maximum level of security.

VIP Transportation

If someone important is coming into town and needs secure transportation from one location to another during their visit, we’re the ones to call! We off VIP transportation for celebrities and influential people who need the extra security during their trip, whether it’s on the road from the airport or in between meetings and events. VIP transportation should be booked in advance so that we know how to accommodate the passenger accordingly, whether it’s with a larger vehicle to include their security staff, or to ensure that there’s appropriate amenities in the car for their comfort during the journey.

Vehicle Setup

The vehicle setup typically includes the way the car is arranged to ensure privacy. This means tinted windows, a professional driver, and other security measures that ensure the public is not able to readily or easily interact with the passenger during the journey. We also provide interior setup to make the journey more comfortable, such as special requests for food and beverages, or items to freshen up with on arrival. If the passenger requires items to rest or would like particular entertainment services, we’ll do our best to have those ready for the duration of the trip.


The comfort in our executive transportation vehicles is unbeatable. We go above and beyond to offer the higher levels of comfort available to our VIP and executive passengers. We do this by integrating the passenger’s favorite beverages, snacks, and the perfect amount of space if there’s more than one passenger present, such as a group of musicians or a team of professionals. If your executive transportation with us is not up to par, we’ll be sure to correct and give you the highest standard of comfort you could possibly receive from such services.


When performing executive transportation services, we are very aware of the type of clients that we transport and we know that extra, precautionary measures are often needed. This includes giving the passenger easy access to the vehicle, parking the vehicle in ideal locations, driving safely when in and around crowds, and ensuring that the windows allow for ultimate privacy during transportation. Our fleet of executive transportation vehicles are highly durable and are chosen for their abilities to protect and secure the passenger, as well as other security members. We also ensure your privacy by extra safety measures on the doors, to avoid others gaining easy access to the vehicle, while it’s in use by a VIP.