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Taxi Cab

yellow sign of a french  taxi, a cab

Taxi cab services are on-call taxis that can be scheduled in advance or ordered for upcoming use. We operate a fleet of taxis for everyday use and short or long journeys. We also have various sizes of vehicles that serve as our taxis, including sedans and SUVs or vans, depending on your size and space needs. Our taxi cab services are available at all times, as we want you to be safe getting around, no matter what time of day it is. Call us for a 24 hour tax or a late night taxi cab, and we’ll be there to pick you up and get you home safely.

Private Rides

Private rides are available for hire to help you move from place to place without having to drive yourself, wait on a bus, or walk long distances. Our taxi cab services can be booked in advance or called for immediate service to pick you up at your desired time and location and take you to wherever you need to go. Our private rides are carried out by professional drivers who aim to increase your comfort and safely get you around the city. Our cars are adequately marked for your safety and we give you the license plate number and driver information before their arrival, so you don’t accidentally get into the wrong car or are unable to find the taxi at all.

Scheduled Appointments

Scheduled appointments are available in advance and we ask that you arrange them by calling or emailing us before the date of your anticipated travel date so that we can ensure we have someone available and a car ready for your pickup. For long distance journeys, we ask that you schedule a few days in advance so that we can the time slot in accordingly. If you’re looking for a shorter journey within the city or you don’t need us for an all-day hire, you can get in touch with us a just a couple days before your departure date.

Luggage Assistance

Along with our taxi cab services, we also provide assistance with moving and loading your luggage, should you have any. Clients have hired us in the past to help them move their items or take their belongings to the airport before a big trip. Moving these items on your own can be difficult, especially if there are multiple suitcases or boxes. Our professional drivers are also able to lift heavy suitcases and boxes to load them into the truck and make sure they arrive when you do! If you’re with a group or family and you have multiple items, hiring a larger taxi cab may be suitable to accommodate all of you and your party’s belongings.


During all of our taxi cab journeys, we aim to provide safety and lasting comfort. All of our drivers have had a background check and are licensed professionals who are trusted by us to carry out your journey with optimal security. We also strive to make transportation safe at all times, regardless if it’s after midnight or in the early hours of the morning – you can count on us to retrieve you safely!